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Judy Yedinak
Judy Yedinak


Judy Yedinak


Judy Yedinak


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In LANDER, WY USA
Spouse/Partner Don Legerski
Occupation Chairman/CEO of the Civilian Marksmanship Program
Children Greg is 46 -- Principal at Pinedale Elementary School; married to Adele who has a masters in ecology More…and works for Linn Energy in Big Piney. 3 daughters: Sonya, a junior, horseman & state champion breast-stroker; McKenna, a freshman and grand champion dog agility show person and all around athlete: Nora - 7 grader - plays VB, BB, shows grand champion goats.
Katie is 44; Asst. Executive Director of the Wyoming Contractors Asso in Cheyenne. Favorite aunt of the 6 kids! Lives the good life.
Angie is 42; MPT and runs Buffalo (WY) Physical Therapy; married to Ron Glassock who grew up right down the street; all around good guy, teaches Jr. High in Buffalo. They are parents of Livi - sophomore - 5'1" VB, BB, and soccer starter; Luke - 7th grade charmer - SUPER soccer player (plays with Casper team), QB for his FB team and presently wrestling; Marko 4th grade, a load of laughs - full of sardonic wisdom...

I've been blessed with a very good life -- full of love and variety. Married Don at age 20 -- by 25 we had 3 kids. English degree from UW. After Don got his law degree from WY, we eventually got to Lander -- a great place to live and raise kids. I stayed politically active, working for candidates. Used to be a lot more fun than it is now! Taught school, elected to 3 terms on the CWC College Board and then served on the CWC Foundation; worked 25 years as the District Court Administrator; was a 25 year 4-H leader, appointed by Casper Weinberger to a 4 year term on the Defense Advisory Committee for Women in the Military -- dealing obviously with women's issues, reporting the Secretary of Defense, traveled on assignment to military sites in Europe and Asia. Pretty exciting stuff. Many local committees including starting the 1st juvenile drug court. Later appointed Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for WY - a post I still hold. (3 star equivalent).
Present I am Chairman/CEO of the Civilian Marksmanship Program -- begun by Teddy Roosevelt in 1903 and privatized by Congress in 1996. Pursuant to federal law we sell Army surplus 30 caliber (M1 Garands and carbines) and 22 caliber rifles, surplus ammo and use the proceeds to teach SAFE marksmanship to adults and youth. Do all JROTC marksmanship training and competition in the nation (3 position air rifle); present the National Rifle and Pistol Matches at Camp Perry OH in conjunction with the NRA, etc. We have 100+ employees and facilities (including indoor 80 point electronic air gun ranges in OH and AL). Presently building a one of a kind range with high power electronic targets near Talladega, AL. www.thecmp.org
Don and I have traveled much of the world -- love it -- and are presently checking all the National Parks of our bucket list. Damn...we've had fun!

School Story

School is a pleasant blur -- some excellent teachers from Jo Hillerman in 3rd grade to Miss Hedge in junior high and on to Prevedel, Manatos, Varras at RSHS. I have fond memories of sheep in the school yard -- which could not be moved until after they lambed since they belonged to Supt. Jack Smith's sister... No breaks from Manatos, who made us take a major trig test the day Kennedy was killed. Great fun in debate with Dave Guiterrez as my partner. Getting beaten in the UN speech contest by Edie Rettinger - who deserved to win. Loved all the school dances - jitterbugging with Bill Wilkes. Great friends. Lots of laughter and camaraderie. All I know for sure is that I came out of RSHS prepared for absolutely anteing. We got a great education and were prepared for whatever life threw at us.

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